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Abdominoplasty, in other words, abdominoplasty, is one of the aesthetic surgery operations and is one of the most effective surgical methods applied in the navel and abdominal aesthetics. Abdominoplasty is performed to remove the sagging that occurs in the abdominal region and affects the person negatively. Abdominal stretching gives the person a flat stomach appearance by tightening and stretching the muscles in the abdomen of the person.

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This procedure can be applied for repairing the deformed muscles and tightening the loosened abdominal skin. The abdomen and belly protrusion, which negatively affects the posture of your clothes, are mostly removed after this procedure and a more prominent waistline is created. People after tummy tuck surgery can have the body they dream of, and they also feel better psychologically as well as aesthetic appearance. You should be careful when choosing your surgeon and try to find the best tummy tuck, doctor.

In Which Situations and Who Is Abdominoplasty Applied?

It is one of the body shaping methods that people resort to as a result of excesses that cannot be eliminated by exercise or various diets. Abdominoplasty, which is one of the most preferred methods after pregnancy, which is suitable for excessive weight gain, is applied to people with body deformation. In such cases, people who have abdominal muscle and skin structure that do not return to their former tension by themselves can return to their former state thanks to the abdominal stretching operation. This procedure is recommended for people who do not have a chronic disease that prevents surgery and are suitable for anesthesia. Such situations are very important in terms of faster recovery of the patient and successful operation.

What is Mini Abdominoplasty?

Mini tummy tuck aesthetics; It is the procedure for the loose, sagging, and non-recoverable lower abdominal muscles. Only the lower abdominal muscles are treated, the upper muscles are not touched. Before the operation, the person is given a diet to lose a certain weight. The remaining fat in the waist and abdomen areas is removed with the Vaser liposuction method, and the muscle tissues are brought closer to each other and sutured. The belly button cannot be changed by touching it. If there is fat on the abdomen, full tummy tuck aesthetics is applied.

How is Abdominoplasty Performed?

Issues such as the technique to be applied in the tummy tuck operation and the area where the skin will be removed are determined by the physician as a result of detailed examination and radiological images. Although it varies from person to person, general anesthesia is applied in the tummy tuck process, which generally lasts 3 to 4 hours. The incisions formed will be sewn with an aesthetic suture, and the formation of unsightly scars is minimized.

Cracked and sagging skin in the area from the level of the cesarean section to the navel, the skin above the navel is stretched downwards and the navel is reconstructed by bringing it to the appropriate place. If there is excessive lubrication in addition to looseness and sagging, excess fat in the abdomen is removed by liposuction. The abdomen, which has been loosened with the collecting stitches, is tightened and returns to its former firmness.

Recovery Process After Abdominoplasty

Three to four hours after tummy tuck surgery, you can stand up and walk with the help of someone else, but you can walk alone the next day. After three or four days, you will be able to handle your daily work yourself.

In the first week, you should avoid movements such as severe coughing, sneezing, and straining as they will damage the stitches. It is recommended to wear a special corset for one month after the operation. Thus, the probability of achieving the desired form and the successful outcome of the surgery increases.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    Can you get pregnant after tummy tuck surgery?

    Although tummy tuck surgery does not affect delivery, if you plan to become pregnant in a short time, it would be more logical to postpone the surgery.

    Will there be any scars after tummy tuck surgery?

    There may be traces in the bikini area, that is, in underwear. In a few years, the scars fade by taking the skin color.

    Is mini tummy tuck surgery permanent?

    After the mini tummy tuck aesthetic, the person should pay attention to his nutrition so that the muscles do not stretch again. so that the person does not gain weight and preserves the results of mini tummy tuck surgery.

    What are the prices of tummy tuck surgery?

    Many factors determine tummy tuck surgery. You can contact us for detailed price information.


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