Breast Augmentation Aesthetics and Complications

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Breast Augmentation Aesthetics and Complications
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Breast augmentation aesthetics, which is a plastic surgery operation applied to change the shape and size of the breast; It is preferred by people who want to enlarge their breasts thinking that their breasts are small, who want to equalize the size of their breasts because they have asymmetrical breasts, and who have lost both or one of their breasts due to reasons such as cancer.

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Breast augmentation surgery, which is usually performed under general anesthesia, carries some risks like any surgery. Some complications may occur in the early and late periods. While complications such as hematoma and seroma, infection, change in NAC sense and asymmetry may be encountered in the early period; In the late period, complications such as capsular contracture, rupture and extinction, connective tissue diseases, and galactorrhea may be encountered.

Suitable Candidates for Breast Augmentation Aesthetics

Breast augmentation can be performed with both health and aesthetic concerns. Anyone uncomfortable with the size and shape of their breasts is suitable for this operation. It is recommended that individuals who have completed their physical development and breast development should have breast augmentation aesthetics. In addition, this operation is not recommended for perfectionists.

Breast augmentation aesthetics can also be preferred for breast repair after breast cancer. It is a suitable operation for people who have any reason for breast augmentation and aim to improve by not aiming for perfection.

Recovery Process After Breast Augmentation Surgery

You may feel tired and weak for a few days after breast augmentation surgery. Using the special bras recommended by your doctor will contribute to the healing process. A burning sensation may occur in the nipples, but the burning sensation and the appearance of bruises will decrease day by day. After 3-5 weeks, the swelling of the breasts will decrease.

You can return to your work life a few days after breast augmentation surgery, but you should avoid heavy movements and exercises.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    Will there be any scars after breast augmentation surgery?

    Breast augmentation scars are hidden around the areola and under the armpit, instead of the breast fold. In addition, your traces will become increasingly blurred.

    When will the breasts return to normal after breast augmentation surgery?

    3-4 weeks after breast augmentation surgery, the feeling of pain will disappear and the feeling in the breasts will return.

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