Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction
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Breast reduction surgeries are the most preferred in aesthetic surgery operations. It is the removal of the sagging and weight-bearing tissue from the breast and shaping the remaining breast in a more aesthetic and upright manner. Breast reduction surgery can be performed due to aesthetic concerns or due to medical problems. It is the operation in which the breasts are reduced due to the reasons such as sagging, not being symmetrical, and not looking beautiful as a result of the large breasts.

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Among the medical reasons, breast reduction surgery can be performed to relieve shoulder, neck, and back pain due to the size of the breasts and to prevent the formation of hunchback. In addition to hereditary factors, lifestyle can also cause breasts to enlarge, which can force the person in some activities. Breast reduction surgery is applied not only to female patients but also to male patients. Breast reduction is an important procedure for eliminating both aesthetic concerns and medical problems of the person.

What are the Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery?

As with any surgery, there are some risks in breast reduction surgery. Even if pre-operative precautions are taken, some unforeseen problems may occur and the surgical team intervenes immediately.

The most common risk is bleeding in the area after breast reduction surgery. The other risk is infections that occur at the wound site and healing problems in the stitches caused by them. It is more common where tension is greatest.

Since conditions such as soft tissue diseases, diabetes, and smoking will increase the risk, it is necessary to control the diseases and stop smoking before breast reduction.

Who Can Be Applied to Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction operation can be applied from the age of 18 when the development of the breast tissue is generally completed. It is a surgery that can be applied to anyone who does not have a risky mass in their breasts and complains about their breast size. It can also be applied to people under the age of 18 because it causes health problems, by obtaining the necessary permissions.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast reduction surgery is an operation performed by removing the skin and fat tissue in the breast. Breast reduction operation with general anesthesia is performed using lollipop incision and reverse T incision method. Although it varies depending on the size of the breast, natural breast reduction operation is performed between 3 and 4 hours.


In determining the method; It is determined by considering parameters such as breast tissue, breast size, skin structure, the position of the nipple. Breast reduction is also performed with the inclusion of a lift. Breast lift operation can also be performed with breast reduction operation. In breast reduction operations; The drooping nipple is moved upwards, the tip is reduced if necessary, the excess tissue is removed from the breast and the remaining tissue is reshaped aesthetically and vertically.

Things to Consider After Breast Reduction Surgery

There are some points to be considered before and after breast reduction surgery. Afterward, you will have an easier recovery process by paying attention to the points that need attention.

Generally, the dressing made during the surgery is not changed until the first control. Heavy exercises should be avoided for a while. After the operation, it is necessary to lie on the back for four weeks and it is recommended to use special bras for six to eight weeks.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Since breast reduction surgery is an operation that includes an incision, scars may be evident in the early period. Within 6-12 months, the scars become faint and become a color close to the skin color.

    Will there be any scars after breast reduction surgery?

    Since breast reduction surgery is an operation that includes an incision, scars may be evident in the early period. Within 6-12 months, the scars become faint and become a color close to the skin color.

    Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?

    In breast reduction surgery, the milk-producing glands are largely preserved. Since it is an assumption, clear information cannot be given.

    How long does breast reduction surgery take?

    It varies depending on the size of the breasts and the technique to be applied in the surgery. It generally takes two to three hours.

    How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

    Many factors determine the price of breast reduction surgery. The size of the breast varies depending on factors such as the method applied. You can contact us for detailed information and price.

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