Breast Reconstruction

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Breast Reconstruction
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Breast reconstruction, that is, breast repair, is one of the most important procedures of aesthetic and plastic surgery operations after the removal of the breast due to a tumor or other diseases. As a result of new developments and technologies, a breast very similar to a natural breast can be created. Breast reconstruction can be performed at the same time as breast removal surgery.


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Thanks to breast repair after cancer, the patient will both have a new breast and will not be psychologically worn out during the breast-free period. Patients who have undergone breast reconstruction feel better physically, enter a state of peace with themselves and become stronger against diseases. For these reasons, breast repair surgery is an operation for repair rather than an aesthetic operation.

Istanbul is a highly developed city in breast repair operation, there are many surgeons, but it is very important to work with an experienced surgeon who is an expert in their field.

Who Is Breast Repair Performed?

Breast reconstruction can be performed on people who have undergone almost all breast removal operations and whose breast integrity has been compromised. While breast reconstruction surgery can be performed simultaneously with breast removal, it can also be performed in the future. Many patients do not have a medical obstacle to the post-cancer breast repair procedure. In addition, breast repair surgery can be performed on people who have lost their breasts as a result of various diseases and burns.

Different methods are applied for each different disease so that more effective and healthy results can be obtained. The point to be considered for breast repair is whether the patient’s health status is suitable for surgery.

Possible Risks in Breast Repair

Problems such as bleeding, edema collection, anesthesia problems that can be observed in all breast surgery, and general surgery operations such as breast augmentation and reduction can be observed during and after breast repair operations. Breast repair (reconstruction) does not affect cancer recurrence. In addition, it does not create a situation that will prevent chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

How is Breast Repair Performed?

Breast reconstruction requires expertise and should be performed by plastic and aesthetic surgeons. In the first meeting with the patients, how to repair the breast should be shared. The treatment method is determined according to the psychology and general condition of the patient, and the treatment method in which the prosthesis or the patient’s tissue is used is selected. Breast reconstruction, which is usually performed with several operations, is performed under general anesthesia in the first stage and local anesthesia in other stages.


Breast repair using a prosthesis is simple and shorter than other methods. Breast reconstruction with its tissue is more complex and requires more surgical experience. In case of repair of one breast, enlargement, reduction, and lifting procedures can be applied to the other breast to be equal with the other breast.

After Breast Repair Surgery

You can be discharged within two to five days, depending on your post-operative condition. Drains are placed to prevent the accumulation of fluids and these drains are removed within two weeks. Removal of the stitches takes between seven and ten days. During the healing process, you should listen to your surgeon’s recommendations.

You should avoid heavy exercises for about four to five weeks and prevent your breasts from getting hit. It may take approximately six weeks for you to return to your normal life.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    Is breast reconstruction a difficult operation?

    It is not difficult, but because it is an operation that requires expertise, it is very important to choose a specialist and experienced surgeon in your field.

    How much are breast repair fees?

    Breast repair fees; varies depending on the technique to be applied, the condition of the patient, and the stages. You can contact us for detailed information and to discuss the price.

    Will there be any scars after breast repair?

    Depending on the skin type of the person, the experience and care of the surgeon, and the protection of the area from irritation, more or less scarring may be left.

    When should Breast Repair aesthetics be performed?

    Simultaneous or late repair is performed at the most appropriate time determined by the doctor, taking into account the patient’s condition.

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