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Ear Aesthetics
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Ear aesthetics, which is one of the most preferred aesthetic surgical procedures today, in other words, otoplasty, is a procedure applied when the ear of the person is not as desired due to genetic or environmental factors. In addition to genetic factors, ear angles may become longer than they should be or their folds may become flat during the developmental period. The ear may gain the appearance of a prominent ear and may distort the face-ear ratio of the person. While these situations affect the person both psychologically and as a result of what they hear from their social environment, their sociability can be damaged.

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The general purpose of ear aesthetic surgery is to make the appearance of the personal aesthetic, while at the same time saving the person from the negative mood they are in. Thus, the person will feel better both physically and spiritually.

To Whom Is Ear Aesthetics Applied?

Kulak estetiği, kulağı gelişim döneminde oluşan bozuklukların çocukluk döneminde fark edilmesiyle erken yaşta yapılması önerilir. Çocukluk döneminde kıkırdağın yumuşak olmasından dolayı daha kolay şekil verilir ve iyileşme süreci diğer yaşları göre daha kolay olabileceğinden kulak estetiğinin çocukluk döneminde yapılması önerilir.

Özellikle şekil bozukluğu olan kulaklarda kepçe kulak estetiği uygulanarak çocuğun olumsuz ruh hallerine girmesi engellenir. Tabi ilerleyen yaşlarda da kulak estetiği yaptırmak mümkündür. Kulağın şeklinde rahatsız olan herkes, ameliyata engel herhangi bir sağlık problemi yoksa, kulak estetiği ameliyatı olabilir.

Before Ear Aesthetics

Ear aesthetics is recommended to be performed at an early age when the disorders that occur during the development of the ear are noticed in childhood. In childhood, it is easier to shape due to the softness of the cartilage and since the healing process may be easier than in other ages, ear aesthetics is recommended to be done in childhood.

Especially in deformed ears, prominent ear aesthetics is applied to prevent the child from entering into negative moods. Of course, it is possible to have ear aesthetics at later ages. Anyone who is disturbed by the shape of the ear can have ear aesthetic surgery if no health problem prevents surgery.

Before Ear Aesthetics

It is very important to establish the relationship between the patient and the doctor before the ear aesthetic procedure. The patient’s health history, diseases, or medications should be known by the doctor, and in the same way, some information about the doctor should be shared with the patient.

Before ear aesthetics, which is among the facial aesthetic procedures, the patient should be informed about what kind of situations will be experienced and what changes will occur after it to prevent the patient from encountering any surprises.

How Is Ear Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Depending on the age of the person, the cartilage is reached with a small incision in the ear aesthetic surgery is performed with general anesthesia or sedation method. Thanks to this incision made behind the ear, the curved parts of the cartilages are weakened and fixed by hanging them backward. Ear aesthetic surgery is completed by making a few stitches to keep the ear fixed towards the back. After ear aesthetic surgery, a bandage is attached to this area and protected.

Ear aesthetics prices vary according to the procedure to be performed for 2021, the condition of the ear, and the experience of the doctor. There may be differences between the prices of prominent ear aesthetics and earlobe aesthetics due to the procedure to be applied.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    Will there be any scars after ear aesthetics?

    In-ear aesthetic surgeries, the incision scar is not very obvious because it is behind the ear, but within a year or two, the scar may disappear and become invisible.

    What are the prices of ear aesthetics?

    Ear aesthetic surgery prices; The treatment method varies depending on factors such as the age of the patient and the experience of the surgeon. You can contact us for more detailed information about ear aesthetics fees.

    Is it obvious that ear aesthetics was performed after the surgery?

    10 days after the ear aesthetics, when the swelling goes down, the ear regains its natural appearance and it is not possible to understand it.

    Does ear aesthetic surgery damage hearing?

    Since ear aesthetic surgery is performed on the outer ear, it does not affect hearing or the eardrum.


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