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Facial aesthetics, which is one of the sub-branches of plastic and aesthetic surgery departments, includes non-surgical or operative procedures performed depending on the free will of the people to correct the deformity of the face due to external factors after a certain age or to change the facial areas that are disturbed by their appearance.

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Facial aesthetic procedures can be applied to the whole face as well as being applied only to certain areas. The face is divided into three regions: chin and mouth, forehead and around the eyes, cheeks, and nose. The integrity of the face is one of the most important details to be considered in the operations applied to eliminate the discomfort or deformities of the people. Therefore, before the treatment, a detailed facial analysis should be done, the area to be changed and the neighboring areas are determined, and then the treatment method to be applied is decided. A younger face can be achieved with facial aesthetics.

To Whom Can Facial Aesthetics Be Applied?

Although there is no specific age limit for facial aesthetics, it is very important to reach the age of 18 to benefit from aesthetic procedures if there is no medical obligation. Generally, women or men over the age of 40 or 50 give priority to facial aesthetics because with aging, wrinkles, sagging and deformations occur on the face.

Facial deformations may occur not only due to aging, but also due to reasons such as irregular diet, alcohol and cigarette use, and not paying attention to the skin, and it can be applied to people who want to get rid of these deformations and want to have a younger face.

Types of Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics is performed as a process that includes the entire face, but special procedures are also performed for some parts. Facelift aesthetics, facial narrowing aesthetics, sagging aesthetics, neck lift, ear aesthetics, lip aesthetics are among the types of facial aesthetics.

It is ensured that you get the look you want by applying a sufficient or desired level of treatment to the required area.

How is Facial Aesthetics Performed?

Before the facial aesthetic operation, which application should be applied to the person is determined following the joint decision of the person and the doctor. With this process, wrinkles due to aging are removed and a younger face is obtained. The procedure to be done should adapt to the whole face. In face lift aesthetics, the SMA S structure on the face is suspended and a taut face is obtained by correcting the sagging on the face. The tissue that creates abundance on the face is taken appropriately.

In facial aesthetics, other necessary interventions can be made according to the needs of the person. Eyelid aesthetics can also be applied to achieve a younger appearance. A fresher and younger skin is obtained by moving the displaced fat on the eyelid to the appropriate place and removing the excess.

Recovery Process After Facial Aesthetics?

After aesthetic facial surgery, bruises and swellings may occur on the face, and the healing process of these swellings and bruises can be accelerated by applying ice to the face. You should protect your face completely from the sun and use sunglasses.

You should also not neglect the sunscreen recommended by your doctor. After the first week, you can return to your work life. You should be gentle with your face, as there may be numbness in the face in the first weeks. You should stay away from sports and activities that will harm your face for a while.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    Will there be any scars after facial aesthetics?

    In facial aesthetic procedures, it is aimed to leave the least amount of scars with special sutures and aesthetic surgical touches.

    What are the prices of facial aesthetics?

    Many factors determine the prices of facial aesthetics. Although the method to be applied varies according to factors such as the hospital and the experience of the doctor, you can call us for detailed information.

    Who can not be applied facial aesthetics?

    Although there is no age restriction, it is not recommended for under 18 years of age where facial development is not completed.

    Is facial aesthetics permanent?

    Depending on the person’s facial structure and living conditions, it can sometimes last for five to ten years, and sometimes it can last a lifetime.


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