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What is a Golden Needle
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Gold needle, also called fractional radiofrequency, is among the medical applications applied for skin rejuvenation and beautification. The golden needle treatment, which creates a more vibrant, youthful, and bright skin appearance by reducing the appearance of spots, wrinkles, and deformities on the skin due to environmental factors and aging, can be easily applied to both the face and various parts of the body. The golden needle is applied in sessions and the number of sessions is determined by the physician depending on the area to be applied and the condition of the skin.

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In how many sessions the intended skin appearance can be achieved, varies depending on the amount and amount of deformations in the skin. It is often preferred because it is possible to have the desired skin appearance by leaving a short period and does not require a surgical procedure. Gold needle radiofrequency treatment supports skin regeneration while minimizing scars and wrinkles.

Situations in which the Golden Needle is Applied

Gold needle, which can heal many skin imperfections, has a wide range of uses. Gold needle, which is often preferred in the treatment of scars and burn marks, is also used in the treatment of stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight gain. Elimination of fine wrinkles and elimination of signs of aging are also among the application areas of the golden needle.

The scarlet gold needle is also highly preferred for tightening pores, treating acne, removing skin blemishes, and removing bruises around the eyes.

For Which Regions Is Golden Needle Application Suitable?

Golden needle, which can be easily applied to both the body and the face; is a very effective method for revitalizing, rejuvenating, and repairing the skin. Like mesotherapy, the gold needle is often preferred for spot treatment. Since the response time of each region to the treatment is different and targeted treatment may be preferred, different sessions and dates can be given.

One of the points to be considered to benefit from the positive effects of the golden needle application is that the sessions are not interrupted. If you do not interrupt the sessions, the treatment will result in a shorter time and you can observe the effects earlier.

How is Gold Needle Treatment Applied?

Gold needle, which is a more painless and painless method compared to many skin rejuvenation and correction methods, is often preferred because it does not require any surgical procedure for long hours. Depending on the condition of the area to be treated, a session takes between 30 and 40 minutes. The number of sessions to be applied is determined by the physician depending on the condition of the area. The area to be treated is cleaned and local anesthetic creams are applied.

Controlled destruction is provided by high-frequency radio waves given under the skin. After the application, redness may occur in the area, but it passes in a short time. The person can return to his daily life after the application. High protection sunscreens should be used. Scarlet s gold needle, which started to show its effect from the first session, continues to repair the skin after the end of the process and a better appearance is obtained every time.

Gold Needle Advantages

Due to the benefits and advantages of golden needles, it is among the most preferred skin rejuvenation methods. It does not cause crusting, peeling, and blistering on the skin.

It shows its effect from the first session and is a permanent method. Gold needle, which is a method suitable for every skin type, has proven effects on skincare.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    In how many sessions does the golden needle show its effect?

    As a result of the sessions determined according to the needs and condition of the skin, positive changes are experienced since the application of the first session.

    At what ages can the golden needle procedure be applied?

    It is generally applied to people between the ages of 30 and 65.

    Is gold needle treatment a painful method?

    No pain is felt after the gold needle procedure, which is extremely painless.

    What are the gold needle prices?

    Gold needle prices vary depending on the skin’s need, condition, and session. You can contact us for gold needle prices 2021.

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