Hand Soft Tissue Reconstruction

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Many factors determine the method of hand soft tissue reconstruction treatment. The severity of hand injury, the time elapsed after injury, the rate of contamination of the wound change the way of treatment of hand injuries. It is of great importance for injuries associated with tendon and nerve cuts.

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Hand soft tissue reconstruction, which is among plastic surgery operations, is possible by choosing a different technique for each injury. The most important principle taken into consideration when choosing the most appropriate method among these treatment methods is to try to restore the hand as much as possible to its former function.

Diagnosis for Hand Soft Tissue Reconstruction

Tendon cuts are one of the most common conditions. Tendons can be defined as white-colored bands that extend between muscle and bone. The tendon transfers the movement force that occurs as a result of the shortening and contraction of the muscles to the bone, and the bone performs the movement over the joint to which it is attached. If the tendon is missing, the movement cannot be transmitted to the bone.

Another factor plays a role in the transmission of movement to the bone. Factors such as the condition of the joint, the integrity of the bone tissue, the integrity of the nerve that sends the movement signal to the muscle, and the integrity of the skin cover play a role in the transmission of movement to the bone. For the tendon to perform its function, it must be healthy and able to function in these factors. If there is a broken limb, the necessary attention should be paid to the reconstruction by determining the damage. Like foot reconstruction, hand soft tissue reconstruction is a very important surgery.

After Hand Soft Tissue Reconstruction Surgery

After hand soft-tissue reconstruction surgery performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, the hand-wrapped with a dressing should remain motionless until it heals. First, passive movement is started, that is, it is not done by the patient’s own will, but by the force of the spring and tire from the outside.

Then, at the end of the time deemed appropriate by the surgeon, active movement is started. The patient voluntarily moves his fingers and hand. Moving the tendons before they are fully healed can cause ruptures. Therefore, surgical follow-up after hand soft tissue reconstruction is very important.

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