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What is Prosthesis On Implant?
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The prostheses used in people whose missing teeth are corrected with implant treatments are called implant prostheses. Implant treatment can be used in any situation, from missing a single tooth to missing all teeth in the mouth. Implant prostheses made of materials suitable for natural tooth structure are applied in different ways. Implant prosthesis types are divided into mobile and fixed and these are applied in two ways. The number and location of implants are decided by the physician after intraoral and radiographic examinations, taking into account the quality, height, and width of the jawbone of the person.

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General or local anesthesia is not used during the application of the prosthesis on the implant, you will not feel any pain or pain during the measurement and rehearsal phase of the prosthesis. Temporary teeth of similar color and structure with the neighboring teeth are attached on the day of placement of the implant in the missing teeth in the anterior regions, as a result, the person can easily perform the speaking and chewing activities and feels more comfortable. In the expected period for bone healing, people continue their lives with temporary teeth.

Removable Prostheses On Implants

The prostheses that the person can put on and take off on the implants made to people who have no teeth are called removable prostheses. If the general health condition of the person and the jawbone are suitable, removable prostheses can be made on the upper or lower jaw on three or four implants. In people using a palatal prosthesis, lower prostheses may come off during speech or eating due to bone resorption. People who have difficulty getting used to the palatal prosthesis can end the prosthesis removal with the application of a removable prosthesis on the implant. Thus, the person can easily eat, laugh and talk.

These implant-supported prostheses are removed for a certain time during the day or every evening to rest the oral tissues. Prostheses and implants should be cleaned well, but this cleaning process should be with specially produced cleaners, toothpaste should not be used.

Fixed Prostheses On Implant

The prosthesis that can be used in cases ranging from a single missing tooth to the entire jaw tooth deficiency, which is attached to the parts on the implant or screwed on, is called a fixed prosthesis on the implant. Four to eight implants are required for fixed prostheses on implants in mouths with complete tooth deficiency.

Fixed prostheses on implants cannot be put on or removed by people. People should brush implant crowns and bridges at least twice a day. In addition, full hygiene can be achieved with mouthwash methods.

Control Examination of On Implant Prostheses

As with any dental treatment, whether the person has problems or not, once or twice a year after the implant prosthesis is made, it is necessary to go through a dentist check-up. In these controls to be made by the dentist, oral and radiological examinations of the people are performed.


Whether the person cleans the prosthesis meticulously and adequately, whether there is any slippage in the bones, and also the gingival health is examined. As a result of these examinations, if any actions need to be implemented and taken, immediate intervention is taken. Thus, people can use fixed or removable prostheses and implants on implants for a longer period.

Considerations After Implant Prostheses Are Installed

People with teeth grinding and hard chewing habits should be careful. Attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the implant, mouth, and teeth, and appropriate cleaners and cleaning methods should be used. After the treatment, the mouth should be rinsed with salty warm water during the day. By ensuring the cleaning of the mouth and the inside of the mouth, the formation of injections that may occur as a result of implant-based prosthesis treatment is prevented and minimized.

Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

How many sessions does it take to make over-implant prostheses?

Although it differs according to the material to be used, the construction of prosthetic teeth on the implant takes four to six sessions.

Is pain felt in the operation of a prosthesis on an implant?

Although it differs according to the material to be used, the construction of prosthetic teeth on the implant takes four to six sessions.

In which cases is the prosthesis on implant applied?

No pain is felt during the measurement, rehearsal phase of the prosthesis, or during the application of the prosthesis. Local anesthesia is not used.

What are the prices of prostheses on the implant?
  • It can be applied in partial and complete tooth deficiencies, implants that require superstructure, smile designs, and teeth that have been worn over time.

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