Implant Treatment

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What is implant Treatment

Implant treatment is an indispensable part of dental treatment methods used in dentistry, which has benefited from the developing technology in recent years. Implants are screws used in the treatment of missing teeth and made of titanium and placed inside the jawbone. A long-lasting dental prosthesis is placed on these screws. In implant treatment, it does not harm the neighboring teeth as there is no need to cut them. Thanks to the artificial tooth root created, you can easily eat, talk and laugh.

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Since implant application is a surgical procedure, it is a point to be considered in terms of minimizing the problems that may occur after the treatment. With implant treatment, fixed prostheses are applied to patients who do not have enough support teeth and use removable prostheses. The missing tooth is completed without cutting any of the adjacent teeth. Prosthesis adhesion can be increased by placing implants and connecting them to the prosthesis in patients who do not retain the prosthesis due to bone deficiency despite using a removable prosthesis.

To Whom Can Implant Treatment Be Applied?

Implant treatment can be applied to people who have completed the age of 18 and whose jaw development has been completed. If the person’s health status and jaw structure are suitable for treatment, there is no certain upper age limit. Implant treatment is not preferred only for young people whose bone development is not complete.

Before the treatment, the person’s chin x-ray is taken and it is examined whether the chin structure is suitable for implant treatment. There are also certain criteria for people with certain diseases. Implant treatment can be applied if the person with osteoporosis receives the necessary treatment, if the disease is regulated before the treatment for those with diabetes, and if those who use blood thinners stop taking the drug before the treatment.

How Is Implant Treatment Performed?

Before the procedure, necessary x-rays are taken and an examination is made. Measurements of the jaw bones and remaining teeth should be taken. Implant treatment is performed using local anesthesia. There are two ways to place dental implants. In the first option, the one-step procedure, a temporary cap is attached after the implant is placed.

In the other option, the two-stage process, after the dental implant is placed, it is left to heal as a result of covering it with the gingiva, and prosthetic heads are then attached.

In both phases, a temporary bridge is made and a healing period of three months for the lower jaw and six months for the upper jaw is expected. In some cases, a newly made tooth can be placed on dental implants immediately.

What is done in the first examination?

It is very important to perform a detailed examination before starting the implant treatment. The first examination of the implant treatment, which will be performed by a specialist dentist or assistant, is made for diagnosis, planning of the treatment, and defining the preparations required for the treatment. As a result of this examination, what kind of treatment the person will take, the difficulty and risks of the case are investigated and examined. After the implant treatment, how the person will have the implant and how the prosthesis will look will be determined in the first examination.

In the first examination to be made, first of all, intraoral control is made and it is understood at this point how much the person attaches to oral care. Therefore, necessary oral care should be performed to avoid problems in implant treatment. Another point of attention is the closure of the jaw. In some cases, chin treatment may be needed. The movements of the jaw are examined and research is done to see if it will pose a problem in the treatment. The findings obtained in the radiological examination are examined and it is examined whether there is enough bone. Finally, the patient’s health status is examined in general, and as a result of the first examination, it is decided whether there will be implant treatment or not.

How Long Does Implant Treatment Take?

In case of tooth loss, the most preferred implant treatment is started with a prosthesis placed in the jawbone. Then, an artificial tooth, which is no different from the real one, is applied to the ossified area that fuses to the jawbone. This application starts with the placement of the artificial bone and after the factors such as the placement time, the width of the patient’s mouth, and the application area in the mouth are determined, the placement process begins. In people with a narrow jaw structure, this process may take an hour or two longer. You can use your teeth without any problems within three or six months after the completion of the treatment period.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Implant Always Successful?

Breast aesthetics; It is the process of enlarging, reducing and lifting the breasts, which is carried out for people to have certain breast sizes.

Is the Implant Applicable to Everyone?

Implant treatment is one of the most common dental treatments today, which has been successfully applied for a long time.

Will People Around Me Realize I Have Implanted?

It is not right to apply implant treatment to every patient. After the necessary controls are provided, the treatment is started following the doctor’s decision.

Will I Feel Pain During Treatment?

After the necessary and correct procedure, it gains a natural appearance after the implant procedure. It is adjusted in a tone suitable for the tooth. Therefore, the implant is not noticeable when viewed from the outside.

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