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Regen Turkey Clinic Lower – Extremity Reconstruction

Lower-extremity reconstruction, which is used to solve many problems such as congenital or acquired curvature of the lower extremity, shortness, nonunion, or infection, is a title of plastic surgery.

Thanks to this method, which is preferred due to health and aesthetic concerns, the disorder in the lower extremities are eliminated. The solution to the problem, which can be defined as a crooked leg among the people, is lower-extremity reconstruction.

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After Lower – Extremity Reconstruction Surgery

Lower-extremity reconstruction operation is performed with many different methods. The procedure performed by an expert and professional plastic surgeon will result in success. You will feel comfortable and healthy as a result of the elimination of shortness or curvature problems in the lower extremities.

After the operation, you can get up in a short time and continue your daily life. However, returning to your daily life and being able to stand up in a short time depends on the operation performed with a good and correct technique. As in foot reconstruction treatment, patient follow-up should be done well after the application. The patient’s strictly following the doctor’s recommendations accelerates the healing process.

Changes Observed After Lower - Extremity Reconstruction

Shortness of curvature problems is eliminated after lower extremity reconstruction. To eliminate the shortness, the leg bones are lengthened. Depending on the procedure applied, the recovery time is accelerated when the doctor’s recommendations are followed.

After lower-extremity reconstruction surgery, you can feel happier by getting rid of the situations that negatively affect your health and aesthetic appearance. Your self-confidence will increase and you will not restrict your social life.

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