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What are Medical Applications?

The processes applied to make the body, skin, and face look younger and healthier as well as gain an aesthetic appearance is called medical applications. Non-surgical facelift, skin rejuvenation, laser treatments, filler applications; are the sub-titles of medical aesthetic applications. Medical applications applied with different application methods and procedures have restorative and therapeutic properties as well as eliminate the aesthetic anxiety of the person. It is one of the most important features that it is performed without the need for surgical intervention and general anesthesia.

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Medical practices are used to repair and treat deformities that occur due to environmental and genetic factors. A different medical application method is applied for each need. It is highly preferred today because it is comfortable and easy to apply.

Medical Aesthetic Application Methods

Generally, facelift applications are applied to remove wrinkles that occur due to aging, and filling applications are performed to have a fuller and livelier face, cheeks, and lips. Some methods allow the elimination of many aesthetic problems. Within the scope of medical aesthetic applications; crack and spot treatment, botox applications, filling applications, laser applications, skincare, under-eye treatment, facelift, and skin rejuvenation applications can be done.

What are the Advantages of Medical Applications?

Medical aesthetic applications are frequently preferred today because they do not require surgical intervention and do not have a long recovery period. It is one of the advantages of medical applications that it is applied without the need for general anesthesia and that the person can return to his daily life on the same day. In addition, the fact that it is a painless and painless procedure, that it gives effective results, and that the risk of infection is at a minimum level has increased the preferability of medical applications.

Complications and risk situations that may occur after medical applications are at the lowest level, increasing the demand for medical applications.

Difference of Medical Applications from Surgical Operations

Wrinkles, pores, stains, wear and tear due to genetic and environmental effects can disturb the person and affect his social life. To eliminate these situations, people resort to certain procedures. Generally, it turns to non-surgical applications to get rid of such problems. These applications constitute medical aesthetic applications.

Without the need for any surgical intervention, it is ensured that the person looks younger and has healthier and more vibrant skin. Medical applications, which are performed painlessly and painlessly by applying local anesthesia, are more affordable than surgical methods.

Most Preferred Medical Applications

Facelift and skin rejuvenation procedures are the most preferred medical applications by women and men. There are procedures such as lip augmentation, under-eye and facial light filling. After the preferred medical applications, people have a younger and healthier appearance.

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    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    Are medical aesthetic applications painful procedures?

    Since anesthetic creams are applied before medical applications, no pain or pain is felt during the procedure.

    What are the prices of medical applications?

    The prices of medical aesthetic applications vary depending on the procedure applied, the number of sessions, and the skin problem. You can get information about the price by contacting us.

    Are the effects of medical applications permanent?

    The duration of permanence varies depending on the procedure performed among medical applications. Some applications are permanent from 1 to 3 years.

    How many sessions are required for medical applications?

    The number of sessions varies depending on the methods of medical applications. While there are transactions completed in a single session, there are also transactions completed in 5-6 sessions.

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