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What is Medical Skin Care

Medical skincare, which is a deep cleansing and moisturizing process by removing the accumulated dirt and dead skin, starting from the top layer of the skin, is one of the most preferred skin rejuvenation procedures. Dermatological cosmetic products that differ according to the needs of the skin, the age of the person, and the skin characteristics are used. Medical skincare application can be easily applied to men and women of all ages and is among the applications that delay the aging of the skin.

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Medical skin care is one of the beauty secrets of people who want to protect skin health, delay aging, rejuvenate the skin, and have lively and fresh skin. The pores clogged by dirt and make-up are angled, the skin breathes and thus the skin is revitalized and refreshed.

Medical Skin Care Benefits

Medical skincare has countless benefits. It helps the skin to breathe by cleaning the pores. Maintains sebum balance. It protects against skin blemishes and removes skin blemishes when applied regularly. It rejuvenates the skin by activating the lymphatic system and blood circulation. It delays the aging of the skin by providing anti-aging protection.

Medical skincare, which is among the medical applications; When done with experts and the right products, it protects the skin from irritation and you can see all these benefits on your skin.

How is Medical Skin Care Done?

Medical skincare practice is performed by skin specialists in clinical settings. Before medical skincare, it consists of mini-consultation, epidermis cleansing, peeling preparation, exfoliation, pore cleansing, steam therapy, black-and-white spot cleaning, final cleaning & disinfection, skin nourishment.

First of all, products suitable for the epidermis, skin surface, and skin type are selected. Then steam therapy is applied to clean the pores well. White and black spots are cleaned and all the pores are cleaned up to the décolleté area. Collagen production is provided by using one of the different skincare systems. As the last step, skincare is completed by deeply moisturizing the skin.

Regular Medical Skin Care Advantages

Medical skincare applied at regular intervals according to your skin type and needs will provide many advantages to your skin. Since it cleans the skin deeply, the occurrence of skin problems such as acne and pimples will decrease. The blood circulation will be activated and the oxygen content of the skin will increase. The moisture and oil needed by the skin will be balanced. The skin will be revitalized, refreshed, and even rejuvenated.

When applied regularly, it also reduces the visibility of genetic skin problems. Protects the skin against environmental factors and aging.

Considerations After Medical Skin Care

Large pores heal after a few hours of medical skincare. Since the pores are cleaned, they are suitable for filling with dirt or make-up residues. Therefore, the next day, materials such as foundation, powder, blush should not be used. It is also necessary to protect it from the sun as it becomes vulnerable to sun rays.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    Is medical skincare harmful?

    It is not a harmful application. When applied by experts, it provides many benefits for the skin.

    How many sessions of medical skincare should be done?

    The number of sessions varies depending on the structure and condition of your skin. It can be done once a month, once every two months, once or twice a year.

    Is medical skincare a painful procedure?

    At some stages of medical skincare, people with sensitive skin may experience short-term and very low levels of pain.

    What are the medical skincare prices?

    Prices vary according to the condition of the skin and the number of sessions. You can contact us for detailed information and price.

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