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The skin, which is deformed due to environmental factors and aging, loses its smoothness and firmness. Non-surgical facelift, which is one of the medical applications preferred by people who want to have an aesthetic appearance by avoiding surgical interventions. Thanks to this method, without the need for a surgical operation, the skin becomes more vibrant, younger, and smoother.

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The non-surgical facelift procedure, which the specialist physician will decide as a result of his examinations, is performed using special devices and the connective tissues under the skin are subjected to heat treatment without any damage to the skin. Thus, the skin becomes tauter. Various factors such as diseases, age, gravity decrease the production of collagen, which provides smoothness and vitality to the skin. These reasons prepare the ground for the formation of wrinkles. Thanks to the non-surgical facelift procedure, the skin can return to its tight and youthful state.

How is a Non-Surgical Face Lift Performed?

Medical applications are increasing their popularity day by day and success results when used together with technology. Thanks to the non-surgical facelift process, which is among the medical applications, people can regain the skin that has lost its firmness, shine, and smoothness over the years.

Non-surgical facelift, which has many different methods, is applied in different ways. This procedure, in which radiofrequency energy is applied under the skin, increases collagen production. Successful results are obtained when applied by specialists and experienced physicians.

Who Cannot Be Applied to Non-Surgical Face Lift Methods?

Non-surgical facelift is not recommended for people whose skin structure is very thin and who have a lot of adipose tissue under the skin. It is also not recommended for people with advanced sagging in the jowl and chin area. It is not applied to pregnant and lactating women, people with blood clotting disease, and people with thick skin structures.

It can be applied to patients who are deemed suitable for a non-surgical facelift after examinations by specialist physicians.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Methods

Filling applications fill the wrinkles and restore the lost volume over time. It has the effect of restoring the skin to its former form and stretching. Ultherapy is a non-surgical procedure. You can contact us to get information about ultherapy prices that help tighten and repair the skin. There are many non-surgical facelift methods such as thread facelift, a gold needle, life.

Non-surgical neck lift and non-surgical forehead lift procedures are also frequently preferred to look younger. Hifu is one of the most preferred methods for facial rejuvenation and stretching.

Considerations After Non-Surgical Face Lift

After the non-surgical facelift procedure, there are no special conditions to be considered. Showers should not be taken for the first two days after the operation and sauna and pool should be avoided.

It is also recommended not to lie in the prone position for up to two weeks. Hard foods such as apples should be avoided. You can pay attention to these situations for the operation to be more effective. Thus, you can experience more successful results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    Is a non-surgical facelift a permanent procedure?

    The non-surgical facelift procedure, which uses different methods and treatments, is permanent for up to two years. Although it varies from person to person, this period can be up to 6 years.

    Will there be any scars after a non-surgical facelift?

    Since it is a non-surgical procedure, scarring does not occur. Since very fine needle tips are used, no traces or stains are formed.

    Are there risks to the non-surgical facelift procedure?

    The operation does not carry any risk. The point to be considered is the selection of an expert and hygienic center.

    What are the non-surgical facelift prices?

    Non-surgical facelift prices vary depending on the method to be applied and the condition of the skin. You can contact us for non-surgical facelift 2021 prices.

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