Pediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics)

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What is Pediatric Dentistry? (Pedodontics)

Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry; aims to make the permanent and milk teeth of children aged 0-13 healthier and to eliminate the problems caused by trauma, caries, hereditary or similar factors. Pediatric dentistry, which provides services in a wide range from teeth clenching and grinding treatment to orthodontic treatments, monitors the jaw-facial development and dental health of children from infancy and also offers preventive measures.


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Pediatric dentistry performs preventive or therapeutic applications following the oral and dental health needs of children or babies. Many treatments such as tooth extraction, filling, child prosthesis can be applied by pediatric dentistry.

Dental Treatments Applied to Children

All treatments that children need for dental and oral care are applied by pediatric dentists. For your children to have healthy mouths and teeth, you should take them for a pediatric examination once every 6 months. In these controls, the treatments that your child needs are determined, and treatment is started in a short time.


Early diagnosis of the problem requires easier and shorter treatment. Child prostheses, tooth extractions, placeholders, applications to stop thumb sucking, root canal treatments, treatment of dental traumas, filling applications, preventive and protective applications against tooth decay are among the treatments to protect the oral and dental health of children carried out by pediatric dentistry.

How is Pedodontic Treatment Performed?

Pedodontic treatments consist of multiple stages. The area of interest of pedodontics is to provide oral hygiene in the primary and mixed dentition of children and to treat the related disorders. Pediatric dentistry treatments aim to strengthen both primary and permanent teeth and become more resistant to caries. Child dental caries is treated with fillings or tooth extraction. Dental problems due to habits such as thumb sucking, lip sucking, or wrong swallowing are corrected with appropriate treatment as a result of the necessary diagnosis.

Things to Consider Before the First Dental Examination

Before pediatric dental treatment, you should avoid actions that will cause your child to be afraid. Talking about your negative dental treatments can cause your child to develop a negative attitude towards dental treatments. Pedodontics is of great importance for the health of permanent teeth. For this reason, children should not be afraid of dentistry.

Process After Pedodontic Treatment

After the pedodontic treatment, the cooperation of the family and the dentist is very important in terms of pediatric dental treatment. Oral hygiene must be ensured for the treatment to be effective and to heal in a short time. The family has great responsibilities in ensuring the oral hygiene of the child. It is important to come to the controls at certain periods after pedodontics in terms of maintaining the current situation.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

How often should children be taken to the pediatric dentist?

Orta ya da düşük çürük riskinde 6 ayda bir, yüksek çürük riskinde ise 3 ayda bir çocuk diş hekimi ziyaret edilmelidir.

When should the baby's first pediatric dentist examination be done?

The first dental examination is recommended after the first tooth erupts. In this period, it can usually vary between 6 months and 1 year.

Should milk teeth be treated?

To protect your child’s general health and oral health, milk teeth should also be treated. Untreated milk teeth can cause problems for permanent teeth.

What is the price of pediatric dentistry treatment?

Pediatric dentistry prices vary according to the procedure performed. You can get information about pediatric dentistry 2021 fees by contacting us.

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