Perineum Reconstruction

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What is Perineal Reconstruction?
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The area between the back wall of the vagina and the breech is called the perineum. The perineum, which is the important support of the pelvic floor muscles, is also very important for gas holding and stool holding functions.

Perineal reconstruction surgery is performed to treat perineal tears, to give the perineum a more aesthetic appearance, and to eliminate functional problems of the perineum. This operation, which is carried out by plastic surgery, is performed with aesthetic and health concerns. While performing perineal reconstruction surgery, which is one of the genital aesthetic operations, other genital aesthetic operations can be performed simultaneously.

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Why is Perineum Reconstruction Done?

Traumas, skin cancer can cause the formation of defects in the perineum. Diabetes, which causes problems such as diabetic foot, can also cause the formation of non-healing wounds in the perineum.

It can be applied to anyone who has problems in the perineum. After perineal reconstruction, the perineum becomes able to perform its function, while at the same time it has an aesthetic appearance. Perineal reconstruction surgery is performed both functionally and aesthetically.

How is Perineum Reconstruction Done?

Dead tissues in non-healing wounds caused by diabetes are cleaned and the tissue defect is closed with the most appropriate reconstruction method. For people with cancer risk, a biopsy is taken and the operation is planned accordingly. Obstetricians or urologists may also need to undergo perineal reconstruction surgery. After the cancerous tissue is removed, the piece is sent to pathology and the defect is closed with the appropriate method. Tissue transplantation is required to close large and deep defects, but smaller defects are easier to close.

The perineal reconstruction surgery needs to be performed by a specialist physician in the field. In addition, the patient should be followed up after the surgery. The scar needs to be kept clean. Wound formation may recur if not kept clean.

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