Porcelain Bracket Dental Treatment

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What is Porcelain Bracket Dental Treatment?

It is possible to improve the separation, crowding, curvature, jaw, and position disorders of the teeth in a short time with braces treatment, which is among the orthodontic treatments. Braces consist of square brackets placed on the teeth and archwires connecting these brackets. Brackets are made of many materials and are in the position of transmitting the force applied to the tooth. Porcelain brackets are preferred more than other brackets with their transparent appearance.

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It has replaced the traditional metal brackets with porcelain brackets, which are transparent, and porcelain brackets are frequently used in dental treatment. Although they have the same shape and technical features as metal brackets, porcelain brackets have started to be preferred more because of their transparent appearance, thus giving the person a more aesthetic appearance and satisfying them. It is known that adults feel more comfortable in their daily life by choosing these brackets.

Who Are Porcelain Brackets Suitable For?

If your teeth have a misalignment that bothers you if you have crooked or protruding teeth if you have a congenital tooth deficiency, you can choose porcelain brackets for braces treatment, which is one of the dental treatment methods. Porcelain brackets give the appearance of braces a more aesthetic appearance and are suitable for people who want the brackets to look aesthetic.

People who have stenosis of the jaw, sleeping with an open mouth, and non-closure of the teeth are suitable for dental treatment with porcelain brackets. Porcelain brackets can be used in the treatment of many orthodontic disorders, if the tongue enters between the teeth while speaking or swallowing, and if you have sparse teeth that remain impacted.

Using Porcelain Bracket

There are some points to be considered when using porcelain brackets, which have a more aesthetic appearance. First of all, oral and dental care should be given importance, if not, tartar and tartar formation can be observed.

As a result of their formation, the conclusion of the treatment may be delayed. Therefore, oral and dental cleaning is very important for porcelain bracket treatments. Acidic drinks, hard and sticky foods should also be avoided.

Why Choose Porcelain Bracket?

Porcelain brackets, which are most preferred by those who are uncomfortable with the distinctive appearance of traditional metal brackets, are a great choice for those who want to have an aesthetic appearance with their transparency. Porcelain brackets will hide your dental treatment, so you can feel more comfortable.

People who are in constant dialogue with people due to their social and business positions may prefer porcelain brackets. There are many reasons why they are preferred because of their aesthetic appearance and camouflage on your teeth. It is more economical than lingual treatment, and with the developing technology, it offers the possibility of treatment as fast as traditional metal brackets. It is a bracket that can be used and preferred easily and safely by people with allergies, without any age restrictions.

Features of Porcelain Bracket

There is no difference between the result of traditional metal brackets and the result of using porcelain brackets, but they differ from each other at some points. The treatment processes are generally the same, the treatment period can be a little longer because the porcelain brackets rub against the teeth, but with the developing technology, it is aimed to conclude the treatment at the same time. It is also larger, but it is very difficult to notice as it has a transparent appearance. Due to its durability, porcelain brackets are frequently used in dental treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

How long does it take to complete the porcelain bracket treatment?

It may take longer than traditional brackets. With the developing technology, it can be accelerated so that it can be completed at the same time.

Do porcelain braces cause pain?

Although the type of bracket is unimportant, mild pain may be felt after the treatment.

Do porcelain brackets cause wounds?

Porselen braketli tedavi öncesi ağız içi hijyen sağlanırsa yaraların oluşumu en az miktara indirilir.

How much does dental treatment with porcelain brackets cost?

The price of porcelain bracket treatment varies according to the distortion of the tooth, the type, and the presence of skeletal disorder. You can contact us for more information.

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