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What is Skar Treatment?

Scars while disturbing the person aesthetically, remind the person of unwanted memories. In addition, it is possible to treat the scars that cause swelling and itching both for treatment purposes and to provide aesthetics. Wound treatment, which is a very important area of plastic surgery, is the process that makes the scars that occur due to the accidents, operations, and burns that the person has had the least obvious.

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Many factors such as the way the scar is formed, its time, the object forming it, and the treatment applied to affect the scar treatments. The time to apply the scar treatment, which aims to make the scar the least obvious, is also planned according to the condition of the patient and the wound. Depending on the maturity of the wound, treatment can be started immediately, while treatment can be delayed for three to six months to wait for it to mature. Depending on the condition of your scars, the wound treatment session and method are determined by your doctor.

Problems Caused by Scars

The color of the scars caused by various reasons may be different from the other skin color. In addition, while the scar is small, it can expand over time. Wound treatment methods can be used to prevent these reasons. Thus, scars such as surgical scars, scars, and suture marks are ensured to be seen in the least obvious way.

Thanks to the non-healing scars treatment, it is aimed to heal the scars caused by old age or different diseases. Scars that are hard, raised, itchy, and painful are healed as a result of wound treatment and the person is aimed to be well both medically and aesthetically.

To Whom Can Scar Treatment Be Applied?

Scars treatment is applied to heal scars after surgery or for various reasons. While there is no requirement for scar treatment, people of all ages can benefit from this treatment. The important point is that the treatment is carried out following the rules.

Scar treatment is a developed health sector in Istanbul and there are many specialist doctors. To get more effective results and to encounter positive results, it is necessary to choose a doctor well and be competent in the field. The treatment to be applied differs from person to person. Following this treatment, some examinations are carried out before the treatment.

How to Treat Scars?

There are several options for scar treatments, and the method to be used is determined according to the condition of the wound and the patient. With surgical treatment, the scars are surgically removed and then re-stitched. Thus, healing and improvement occur. It is also aimed to be treated by applying pressure with special compression systems and a silicone gun. Ozone therapy has been an effective and reliable method for the treatment of scars that do not heal by being tried in scar treatment.

Dark-colored and puffy scars are lowered to the skin level with laser shots and are aimed to heal again. Laser treatment, which is recommended to be done in winter, is preferred because it is painless and can easily continue daily life. If it is combined with protective measures, a more effective result is obtained and the healing process takes place faster.

After Scar Treatment

Appropriate care and controls after treatment will be determined by your doctor and it is very important to act accordingly. Positions that reduce the tension of areas such as the arms and legs, where the tension is felt the most, contribute positively to the conclusion of the treatment.

In addition, it is necessary to protect the area from the sun for a while. Thanks to high-protection sunscreens, it contributes to the healing of the scar, while at the same time, it is possible to conclude the treatment positively.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    In how many sessions can scars be treated?

    Depending on the condition of the patient’s wound, it is sometimes treated in a single session and sometimes in three or four sessions.

    When can the results of scar treatment be observed?

    Although it varies depending on the condition of the wound and the person, visible changes occur from the first session.

    What is the cost of scar treatment?

    The prices of the treatment vary according to the method used in the wound treatment. You can contact us for scar treatment price information.

    Is scar treatment permanent?

    Although it varies depending on your skin type and scar, permanent results are obtained when applied by specialist doctors.

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