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What is Smile Design?

The biggest reason why individuals prefer smile design treatment is that the patient cannot smile comfortably when looking in the mirror. Smile design treatment also aims to enable the patient to smile comfortably. Because a relaxed smile causes people to feel more at peace with themselves and most importantly, to feel more self-confident in society. In smile design, when the patient smiles, the teeth are given a proportional shape according to his face, and the color and form of the teeth are made suitable for the face type. The form is important because everyone’s tooth forms differ from each other according to oval, square or different formats, and this should be determined together with the patient according to the facial structure.

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We call the smile design the design that we create by giving the most suitable tooth form to the patient’s face, by adjusting the sufficient tooth heights, teeth visible areas, gingival areas. A special smile design is made for each case. Smile design is the type of design in which we determine the smile line and smile limit by adjusting the teeth in the most appropriate size, color, and form that can go to the patient’s face.

Who is Smile Design Applied to?

It can be applied to anyone who feels the need. It should be questioned as to whom it cannot be applied. If the patient does not have a form of discoloration in his teeth, but the patient does not feel safe and cannot smile comfortably, we can apply this. Although we do not have patients for whom smile design treatment cannot be applied, the necessity of treatment in certain patients should be questioned with the experience of the physician who applies it.

For example, a patient with a very high smile line may apply to a doctor because he finds his teeth small in form. In such cases, the physician does not need to explain to the patient how his/her smile will change after the procedure, based on his/her experience.

For example, a patient with a very high smile line may apply to a doctor because he finds his teeth small in form. In such cases, the physician does not need to explain to the patient how his/her smile will change after the procedure, based on his/her experience.

How is Smile Design Applied?

Before starting the smile design, an approximate image of the design, called a mockup, is created for the patient after the treatment is finished. This temporary design can be applied to the patient. Thus, the patient can have an idea about what kind of smile he will have at the end of the treatment. With this mockup application, what the smile design will add to the patient or why some requests of the patient should not be applied can be explained to the patient in a much easier and real way.

Thus, the result of the treatment can be planned before the start of the treatment, in line with the opinions of both parties, without encountering any surprises as a result of the treatment. As we mentioned above, even without any problems in the form, size, color of the teeth, or any of these, the patient can be applied as a smile design planning or treatment just for the sake of self-confidence, to make him feel better or to have an idea for the patient.

Is There an Age Limit in Smile Design?

There is no age limit, but it is preferred to complete the emotional development of the patient and to pass adolescence when the physiological development is completed. Because the treatments performed before the completion of puberty remain constant regardless of the physical change of the individual, the harmony between the previously planned tooth form and the face form may deteriorate over time. At the same time, we do not want to interfere too much with healthy teeth. The evaluation of the question of whether the patient needs it or can we give the patient what he wants with a simple whitening method without touching the teeth is directly related to the experience of the physician.

What is the First Inspection?

First, we determine whether the patient’s face is proportional. What is the height of the upper lip in the patient’s facial structure? Are the dimensions of the teeth high in the patient’s smile line? Does she have a low laugh line? We reveal all of these once and then we take a measure and do mockup work. This is a preview study before the application is made, that is, it is the study where we show what you will give the patient at the end of the smile design. In the same way, we can design this in a way that we can show the final state of the patient in the computer environment by taking analog or digital measurements in the digital environment depending on the working habits of the physician.

In line with these designs, the physician evaluates what type of treatment the patient’s needs and expectations can be met with. Among the treatment options, the most invasive treatment option is the laminated leaf porcelain designs that we can make by touching only the front surface of the teeth, which are very thin and have porcelain thicknesses that fall to 0.1 millimeters. However, if there is too much deformation in the patient’s tooth, we treat the teeth with Emax or zirconium crowns, which we intervene relatively more.

How Long Does Smile Design Application Take?

Smile design treatment necessarily requires us to perform an operation or a restoration on the patient. Sometimes we can have a smile design with a simple gingival operation or a simple whitening process. However, if it requires restoration, that is, laminated veneers, zirconium, and Emax crowns, the treatment can be completed very quickly today. Depending on the number of teeth and the type of case, it can be completed in 3 to 10 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will People Around Me Realize I Have Implanted?

After the necessary and correct procedure, it gains a natural appearance after the implant procedure. It is adjusted in a tone suitable for the tooth. Therefore, the implant is not noticeable when viewed from the outside.

Will I Feel Pain During Treatment?

Since anesthesia is applied during implant treatment, the patient does not feel pain during the operation.

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