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What is Teeth Cleaning?
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Tartar cleaning, which is among the periodontal treatments, is among the oral and dental care routine that should be repeated at intervals of several years. Even if the mouth and its care are done regularly, calculus occurs due to the nutrients and minerals in the saliva. Teeth cleaning is performed by physicians using various tools. Dental calculus, which is formed by the hardening of bacterial plaque over time, is also known among people as tartar cleaning. Tartar turns the teeth from yellow to brown, and in addition to this color change, it causes tooth decay and bad breath.

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To prevent the formation of tartar, regular and effective dental and oral care is required. Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day and then the residues between the teeth should be cleaned with the help of dental floss. Thus, the formation of calculus is minimized and its formation is ensured at a minimum level.

How Is Teeth Cleaning Performed?

Teeth cleaning is performed by physicians using various drugs and tools. In general, the teeth cleaning process starts with ultrasonic devices and using these devices, the cracking of the calculus is ensured using vibration. After the large calculus is separated from the teeth, water is sprayed into the mouth and the dissolved calculus is cleaned. Fine tools are then used for the remaining small tartar.

This process is continued until the tartar formed between the teeth and in the curved areas is cleaned. After this process is completed, the teeth are cleaned with toothpaste. Generally, it can be completed in as little as ten minutes, but it may vary depending on the density of the tartar.

Advantages of Teeth Cleaning

Dental scaling is one of the dental treatment methods that should be done by people who want to have healthy teeth. It provides some advantages if done regularly. It prevents the formation of dental caries and provides healthy teeth.

With the prevention of bone inflammation, the teeth have the care and cleanliness they should have. It also prevents bad breath caused by dental calculus.

The Importance of Teeth Cleaning

Failure or neglect of dental scaling can lead to the formation of some diseases. Gingival recession is one of these oral and dental health diseases. With the gingival recession, problems such as opening between teeth and inflammation of tooth decay occur. Resulting caries and inflammations damage the root of the tooth and can lead to tooth loss. To avoid these negative oral and dental health problems, it is necessary to have dental calculus cleaning regularly.

Thus, you do not have to hide your smiles by having healthy and clean teeth. If it is done with specialist physicians and devices with the necessary technology, no problems will be encountered and your teeth and gums will not be harmed. Therefore, choosing the right doctor is a very important detail.

Things to Consider After Teeth Cleaning

You should not eat or drink anything for two hours after tartar cleaning. Due to the sensitivity that may occur, hot and cold drinks and foods should be avoided for one day. If pain is felt, pain reliever and swelling can be supported with ice. For a more effective and faster healing process, you can gargle with saltwater. Tooth cleaning should be continued. Thus, the formation of other oral and dental problems is prevented and it is important not to neglect the necessary dental treatment procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

Is tartar cleaning harmful?

Teeth cleaning is not harmful. It needs to be cleaned because it causes bruises, bad breath, and inflammation.

At what intervals should dental scaling be done?

Having dental calculus cleaning with an interval of one to two years should be among the oral and dental care routines.

Does tartar cleaning make teeth thinner?

Tartar cleaning does not thin the tooth or cause any damage to the tooth tissue.

What are the teeth cleaning prices?

Teeth cleaning prices; varies according to the condition of the teeth, the density of the stones, and the expertise of the doctor. You can contact us for detailed information about the price of calculus cleaning 2021.

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