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What is a dental cyst and how does it occur?
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A tooth cyst can progress very slowly and may occur in the jawbone or tooth root. Its formation causes some problems in the tooth. The tooth cyst, which manifests itself with the symptom of swelling, such as the symptom of gum recession, does not cause pain in some cases, and this causes the cyst to go unnoticed.


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If the tooth cyst formed in the jaw does not cause pain or inflammation, it will not be noticed and thus damage the jawbone and cause the bone to melt and break. Causes such as bad dental treatments, rotten teeth, tooth trauma can create a dental cyst. Therefore, regular dental check-ups and decayed tooth treatment should be applied.

Dental Cyst Risks

The dental cyst is one of the most important problems in dental problems. If it is not noticed and it is late for dental cyst treatment, it may cause the jawbone to break. If the infection of the tooth cyst mixes with the blood, it goes to the kidneys, heart, joints and affects the general health negatively. In addition, the spread of this infection to other organs does not have very good results in terms of health. After the infection spreads, it becomes very difficult for the person to sleep and it is very difficult for the body to rest with a little sleep. As a result, the body loses its resistance and becomes tired.

Types of Cysts that May Form in the Mouth

Periapical cysts formed in the root of the tooth; may occur as a result of trauma, cavities, or cracks to the tooth. Dentigerous cysts may form around partially erupted teeth. The most common area is the wisdom teeth. Kerato-cysts occur mostly due to genetic factors. It is very likely to recur after taking it. Periodontal cysts are usually caused by gum problems. These cysts, filled with bacteria, are surgically removed.

Cysts are found in different forms depending on the region and structure of their origin. Your dentist should choose the most appropriate method for dental cyst treatment and complete your treatment as soon as possible.

How is a dental cyst treated?

If the dental cyst is detected early and is small in size, it can be treated by removing the tooth. However, in some cases, tooth extraction alone is not enough for dental cyst treatment. In cases where the extraction of the tooth is not sufficient, the cyst in the root of the tooth must be completely cleaned after the tooth is extracted. If the cyst at the root of the tooth is not cleaned sufficiently, the remaining cyst will turn into a jaw cyst, paving the way for bigger problems. Jaw cyst may invade the jawbone over time, causing the bone to rot.

A tooth cyst cannot be removed with drug treatment. A surgical procedure is applied for the treatment of dental cysts. As soon as a dental cyst is noticed, it is necessary to consult a dentist immediately. After the examination, the tooth cyst should be removed.

Things to Consider After Dental Cyst Surgery

You should not eat or drink anything for two hours after dental cyst surgery. Then, by consuming water foods such as soup, damage to the surgery area is prevented. It is not recommended not to consume cigarettes or alcohol until the end of the recovery period. Consumption may cause delayed wound healing. Teeth should not be brushed for a few days after the surgery. Improper brushing can make the wound bleed again.

Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

Are dental cysts dangerous?

Untreated dental cysts grow and can cause jawbone fractures and tooth loss.

Is dental cyst treatment a painful procedure?

You do not feel pain or pain when the tooth cyst is treated with tooth extraction or surgical operations. Procedures performed using local anesthesia are painless and painless.

Can a tooth with a tooth cyst be extracted?

If the tooth cyst is diagnosed early, it can be treated by removing the tooth if it is small, but sometimes the removal of the tooth is not enough for the treatment of the tooth cyst.

What is the cost of dental cyst treatment?

Prices vary depending on the treatment method applied in the dental cyst. You can contact us for dental cyst treatment 2021 prices.

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