Face Light Fill

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Face Light Fill

Facial light filling, which is among the methods that people apply to look younger and have a tightened face, is among the filling applications and is frequently preferred today. The signs of aging due to aging, environmental and genetic factors disturb people and push them to some practices. Facial light filling, which is among these applications, can treat wrinkles and sag.

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Thanks to the facial light filling process, which contains hyaluronic acid and poly vitamins, many problems on the face can be treated and younger, lively, and healthy skin can be obtained.

How is Face Light Filling Applied?

Before the application of light filling to the face, anesthetic cream is applied so that the person does not feel pain or pain. The light filling mixture, which is prepared from the substances that the skin needs, is applied to the face with tiny injections. Thanks to the water retention feature of hyaluronic acid in the face light filling mixture, taut and lively skin are aimed. In addition, due to its high water retention feature, it helps the skin to plump, revitalize and become elastic.

Sessions are held at different time intervals according to the needs of the skin. After the face light filling process, you will get the image you want. It is often preferred because it is a long-lasting and very practical method.

To Whom Can Facial Light Filling Be Applied?

The facial light filling can be applied to everyone, regardless of a woman or a man. It is preferred by people who have deformed faces. It is applied to areas such as cheeks, nose, chin, lips, and it is aimed to eliminate the appearance that the person is uncomfortable with. You can also have brighter and healthier under-eyes with under-eye light filling. It can be easily applied to anyone who has completed the development. It is not recommended to be applied to pregnant and lactating mothers.

The facial light filling is often preferred to remove wrinkles around the eyes, eyebrows, and lips.

In Which Areas Does Facial Light Filling Give More Effective Results?

Facial light fill; It gives very effective results by applying it to the forehead, lips, and cheeks. To remove bruises and pits under the eyes, it is recommended to have an under-eye light filling. One of the most important points that people who have face light filling should pay attention to is that the natural appearance of the face does not deteriorate.

Facial light filling, which will be injected according to the needs of your face, is a long-lasting and economical procedure. However, it should be applied by specialists and professional physicians in the field.

Advantages of Facial Light Filling

After facial light filling, the skin is intensely moisturized and also becomes smooth. It removes fine wrinkles caused by age and various factors. It reduces the appearance of blemishes by removing skin tone unevenness. The elasticity of the skin increases and the skin gains a bright, young, and fresh appearance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by our patients. Call us for more detailed information and to meet us.

    How many sessions of facial light filling should be applied?

    Although it varies depending on the condition of the area to be treated, it is usually applied in 3 sessions with 15-30 days intervals.

    Is facial light filling a permanent procedure?

    When done correctly and by a specialist, it provides permanence from 1 to 3 years.

    What are the prices of facial light filling?

    The cost of facial light filling varies according to the region where the procedure will be performed. You can get information about 2021 facial light filling prices by contacting us.


    Is facial light filling a painful procedure?

    Anesthetic cream is applied before the face light filling process is applied. Therefore, no pain or pain is felt during the procedure.

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